OLEANDER - Drama Television Program






Original Screen Play







Vicki Englund

Charlie Strachan


Vicki Englund

Els Van Poppel


Mark Overett

Elle Croxford



Brisbane journalist, Annie McGillis, longs to sink her teeth into grittier stories than the arts features she’s assigned.  After she stumbles on a mystery of unearthed baby bones, it’s revealed the baby’s mother had been a missing girl.


Annie is tortured by a troubled psychiatric history brought on by the childhood drowning of her little sister, so when she becomes obsessed with other missing girl cases, her section editor, Vince, is concerned. Aware of her past, he urges her to give up on her theory that missing 17 year-old Suzanne Williams, who disappeared 10 years earlier, is alive.


Unswayed, Annie’s investigation leads her into a dark and dangerous journey, with Vince soon compelled to help her in a frantic race to find out the shocking truth about Suzanne’s fate.


Developed in co-operation with Iseec