Executive Producer




Paula Whetu Jones


Paula Whetu Jones


David Wright


Mark Overett

Anton Smit



When Nanny dies, 10-year-old Matiu is thrust into a world of violence where he struggles to keep his identity by creating a magical world of love, hope and imagination when all about him reeks of despair.


This Little Light is a story of a young Maori boy who faces a bleak life of violence, abuse and neglect after his grandmother, who had raised him from birth, dies.  The world he becomes a part of is completely foreign and he fiercely hangs on to the innocence of his childhood through his imagination.


Matiu was a confident happy boy living with his grandmother in rural NZ.   He was the light of her life…and she was his.  Suddenly the light goes out when Nanny dies and Matiu returns to his birth parents who do not want him.   They have a bad reputation within the community so he is not accepted just because of the family he belongs to.   He tries to keep his grandmother’s spirit with him but his negative environment is all encompassing and it isn’t long before he begins to give in to the demons and accepts what he is constantly being told - that he is nothing.    But his ancestors are watching over him and enable him to dream, his dreams giving rise to hope and hope giving rise to redemption.


Script Development supported by the New Zealand Film Commission.