John Woldring



Bob Potter

Sgt Carl Allen



Executive Producers











Peter Duncan (Children of the Revolution, Rake)


Peter Duncan

Kees van der Hulst (screenplay)



William McGInnes

Monic Hendrickx


Bille Brown

Christopher Sommers

David Field


Mark Overett

San Fu Maltha


Hanneke Niens

Tom Hoffie

Robert Kievit


Anton Smit

Cathy Rodda


AU$ 6m



“To love, sometimes we must risk everything”.


When Tahmeena stumbles onto the isolated farm of John, he has no choice to take her in. An illegal refugee, she’s been badly injured and doesn’t speak English. While John’s not inclined to welcome visitors, not since the suspicious death of his wife, he’s even less inclined to involve the police. So he goes about his business as he waits for her to heal when he plans to send her on her way.


A reluctant voyage of mutual discovery begins as these two strangers are forced to communicate and connect through signs and pictures and come to a gradual understanding of each other’s language. Tahmeena brings the homestead back to life, reopening John’s eyes to the beauty of his land. In return, John does his best to track down the daughter she sent ahead from war-ravaged Afghanistan.


As the layers of mistrust and hurt are peeled away, a love affair – passionate and poetic – unfolds to reveal the beauty of freedom, hope and choice. But they can’t stay hidden away on the farm forever. They wont be truly free until they venture out. And when they do, the men who think they own Tahmeena come looking for her… and they won’t leave without her.


Produced with the support of the Pacific Film and Television Commission, Film Finance Corporation Australia, Film Fonds and Kobo.